Frontier Project Launches “Businesses for Biking” Program

At Active RVA we’re cheerleaders for bikes. That’s probably obvious. But it’s nice to know we’re in good company. This month the Frontier Project and Bike Walk RVA are launching a fantastic new program to promote bike commuting AND bike advocacy. It’s a cyclical thing. Get it? Cyclical, cycle….

The first phase of the “Businesses for Biking” cycle supports more of us to start pedaling to work. Richmond area companies sign up with Frontier for the program and then begin tracking each trip to work made on two wheels. Becky Crump with the Frontier Project explains that companies that promote biking “engage their employees in an active lifestyle and attract new talent.” Employees that come to work after a ride in the fresh air arrive alert, energetic, even more creative than those that just battled traffic on the interstate. So, a bonus for all the companies that participate!

The second phase, then, is that for every trip taken by bike to work, participating workplaces donate a set amount back to Bike Walk RVA. Bike Walk RVA is one of our region’s most important advocacy organizations, working to get safe, family-friendly infrastructure built all around the city and counties. Every company is encouraged to pick an amount that works for them to donate per trip. Frontier has offered their rate of $5 as an example.

So, let’s recap. We’re getting more bikes on the road. Then donating money back to an organization that’s helping to get new lanes and trails built. New lanes and trails support more Richmonders to try riding. So more people ride. So we raise more money for Bike Walk. It’s genius!

To round out the package, Frontier is offering companies that sign up a suite of free materials to help promote the program AND they’re organizing a little friendly competition. Standout companies and bike commuters can win prizes like a new office bike rack, cycling swag, and even some pro-bono consulting hours with Frontier’s team.

Getting signed up to participate in the Businesses for Biking Program is a cinch.

And here at Active RVA we’re chipping in with some support too. Want to see more people at your office give bike commuting a try? Active RVA is hosting 3 after-work seminars on bike commuting to support folks that may be NEW to this endeavor to ride safe and feel comfortable.