Corporate Wellness Efforts Can Lower Healthcare Costs

The investment value of wellness programs and their ability to lower healthcare costs is a topic that creates plenty of discussion for companies that have started employee wellness initiatives, as well as businesses that are considering a wellness program.

While there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to determining the return on investment (or “ROI”) for every workplace, there are some tested truths out there.

Companies across the country and right here in Richmond have seen genuine savings in healthcare costs because they’ve prioritized wellness programs that encourage active living. Some programs save more than others and some see results faster than others.  So, having leadership within your company that’s attentive to evolving your programs as you go, to find the initiatives that work best for you, is essential.

Active RVA’s workplace certification program can help. We host quarterly best practice sharing sessions and have supported over 40 workplaces around the region to go the extra mile in making their companies active, healthy communities.