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Best Practices: Wellness Committees

A great way to increase employee buy-in and get feedback on wellness programs is by forming a wellness committee. Many local companies have these in some shape or form, and they’re an important part of finding out what works best for employees and what kind of fitness and wellness programs are effective. A good way to encourage feedback is through regular meetings, employee surveys, or an online wellness portal where employees can track their progress and discuss their preferences. One example of a popular wellness portal is Fit Thumb, though there are a variety of other types as well.

Incorporating employees from different departments is a good way to get a number of opinions. Even if you don’t have a wellness or benefits director, an active employee can take the lead to rally the troops and form the committee. Getting buy-in from your office leadership is key, but once they see that the committee is representing the employees and has their overall company health as the goal, they should be happy to have the wellness committee step up and start working.