Active RVA at Work

Best Practices: Stairwell Signs

stairwell_photoYou don’t have to be making billions of dollars like Google to motivate your coworkers to be more active and add some fun to your office. There’s a simple solution—add stairwell signs by your elevator, stairwell door or on the stairs themselves. We’ve already done the hard part – getting the fun sayings and artwork all put together. You just have to request the artwork from us and get them printed.

You might want to change colors or add some word choices of your own. Just let us know and we might be able to help. Schools and non-profit organizations may qualify for complimentary stickers—just ask us!

If you develop signs of your own and are willing to share, please send them along to us. Let’s all work together to spread the fun of an Active RVA.

For more information, contact:
Ashlee Snider
(804) 285-9495