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Best Practices: ‘Lunch and Learn’

The ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminar is a popular offering and is a good way to bring employees together to share useful information and healthy tips on diet, exercise, and lifestyle. There are a variety of health and fitness experts in the area who offer programs and topics that fit into these seminars. Popular topics include Reading Nutrition Labels, Simple Exercises for the Office, and Healthy Holiday Choices, as well as sessions on smoking cessation and stress/time management. Another key component of the seminars is providing a healthy lunch, which many area restaurants and catering companies can do.

Providing healthier food options  at all times of the day is another important part of a good wellness plan, and there are different ways to encourage people to eat well while at work. Replacing unhealthy vending machine food with fruits and vegetables is one way to do it, while other offices make sure to keep the company kitchen stocked with nutritious options. This can involve weekly trips to the grocery store to make sure the pantry is full, or working with local groups such as Relay Foods that will deliver your order directly to the office.

There are several area groups that provide mobile farmers markets that can set up at your office location; GrowRVA and Field of Dreams/Sprout About Mobile Markets are just two of these local services. You can also consider working directly with a nutritionist to advise on healthy food options. Area grocery stores, such as Martin’s and Kroger, can help with these services, as can healthcare providers such as HCA and Bon Secours.