Active RVA at Work

Best Practices: Fitness Challenges

Office fitness challenges are a great way to inspire increased physical activity in a fun and competitive way. Whether measuring steps taken, push-ups pushed or pounds lost, there are many ways to implement these challenges to fit all skill and activity levels.

A simple challenge that a lot of workplaces around RVA have used is the pedometer challenge.

  • Supplying your coworkers with pedometers
  • Set goals for overall steps taken by a certain deadline.
  • Have people track their progress. Using a digital or literal “leader board” can inspire a little competition and awareness of how much we really do move when we set our minds to it.
  • Encourage innovation. Parking further away, having a walking meeting, or taking a stroll during lunch all yield more steps during a pedometer challenge.

Dividing the office into teams is a great way to go as well, as it can be a good team-building activity and increase morale. Some pedometers come with their own tracking software, while other companies use programs like Google docs for participants to track their steps.

This tool has picked up momentum as more and more companies have built fitness challenges into the framework of their overall employee wellness programs. To take your company to the next level or if you’re serious about kickstarting physical activity for the first time in your workplace, mounting a challenge can be a simple tool that yields big benefits.