Active RVA at Work

Best Practices: Incentivize Physical Activity

Gyms, fitness centers, and events are places and spaces that regularly motivate people to try a new sport, pursue a personal goal, and take their next step in
physical wellness. Offering to subsidize your employees to be a part of these can be an effective way to increase the activity levels of your coworkers.Philip Morris team pose before the Corporate Run

Subsidize Event Entries

Sponsoring group entries to our area’s events is great team-building. Coworkers participating in an event together often begin to train together leading up to the big day and support each other to cross the finish line. The Sports Backers offer a ‘bulk registration’ option for events such as the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k, and many companies use this as a way to pay for a large number of people up front.

Looking for events your employees can get into together? Check out Active RVA’s comprehensive events calendar for ideas and a calendar of events for every season.

Gym Memberships

Corporate gym memberships or reimbursements is another popular benefit that many area businesses offer. Some work directly with gyms and fitness centers to set up a corporate rate for employees, while others reimburse employees a set amount based on monthly attendance. The idea of having employees pay for a portion can be effective because it motivates people to meet their monthly or quarterly goals knowing that they have more ‘skin in the game’ in terms of paying out of their own pocket.

Active Commuting Rewards

Employees that use their feet or their bikes to get to and from work are burning calories, breathing fresh air, and staying healthy. Employers can reward their colleagues who bike or walk to work. These programs affirm and validate those folks who want an active commute anyway and can give others a nudge to try it. Some options include organizing an office-wide commuting challenge, where employees or teams of employees that commute the most miles or the most often by foot or bike receive a prize at the end of the challenge period. Lunch at a favorite restaurant, a party after work, you name it! Set it up similar to any other office fitness challenge  and celebrate your team.

Another option is to join The Frontier Project’s Business for Biking Program. Together with Bike Walk RVA, Frontier Project has created this program to promote active transportation. For every trip your employees take by bike, your company sends a donation to Bike Walk RVA. “By encouraging trips by bike and donating to Bike Walk RVA not only are you engaging your employees in an active lifestyle and attracting new talent, but you are also supporting the advocacy efforts need to make sure we have and comfortable infrastructure in place all over our region.