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Best Practices: Active Work Environments

Too much sitting adds up

More and more research points to the health hazards of sitting. Don’t believe us? Four contributors to the Washington Post detail a range of damage that sitting can add up to for our bodies. From a strained neck and back pain to poor circulation, spinal inflexibility, and heart disease.

If you work in an office, you might be sitting 6+  hours each day, bringing new meaning to that “pain in your butt.”

More Active Desks

Want to break the sitting habit? Make your desk and your day more active. And get some coworkers to try these ideas out with you:

Feeling good at work drives business performance. At the end of the day what your company does to support employees to be active after they leave the office DOES make a difference. But interspersing physical activity throughout the work day can be a game changer. No more lethargic meetings! Quit that achy back! Create a culture of activity and wellness.

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