Kid Champions!

At Greater Richmond Fit4Kids, we work to impact the lives of children everyday through our various school-based programs. There are days when you can see a positive change taking place in these children’s lives and there are days when it seems we haven’t made an ounce of difference. Saturday, October 25th  was one of those days where we saw that positive change and that spark come out in full force.

When Jenny and I were charged with selecting a “Kid Champion” we couldn’t choose just one student, not after what we had seen on a perfect fall Saturday in October. We decided instead to recognize all of the students that participated in the Marathon Jr. on Saturday, October 25th at Byrd Park. These are true kid champions. They showed up for this event, all had an incredible time and worked hard.

What does it take to show up and participate in the Marathon Jr.? These students have participated in countless mornings of running club running laps, miles and relay races galore. They came to school on a SATURDAY to ride a bus to an event to race in a race they have never run before. For some children this was their first time competing in an “official” race outside of gym class or running club. There were nerves, there was excitement, but most importantly there was fun had by all!


What a race, GP!

Was it worth it? Check out our photos from the day to prove just how powerful this event is for children.

photo 1 (4)

MCES Stretching

Marathon Jr group

Here’s what we overheard at Marathon Jr. (from our Fit4Kids partner school’s runners):

“I won!”

(please note- this was repeated by several children so we loosely define winning as having the best experience ever!)

“Did you see me, DID YOU SEE ME? I DID IT!”

“I passed all of these kids and then I finished. It was hard.”

Hats off to the amazing team at Sports Backers for all of their hard work. A GIANT thanks to Faith Hecht and Jacki Quinlan for bringing it all together, even at the last minute when a student wanted to change from the 1/2 mile to the 1 mile race. You rock!

We’re counting down the days until next year… and we’re already training!

Running Club pic