Get Your School Active RVA Certified

Is your school active?

One school in Prince George, VA is training tomorrow’s Superheroes, and empowering them by reinforcing a love of physical activity.

JEJ Moore Middle School is walking the walk when it comes to getting their students and faculty moving. Their wellness program strives to bring physical activity into their school’s culture. JEJ Moore hosted their annual Wellness Day this year, but, in an effort to make the day more fun and appealing to the students, it was known as Superhero Training Day. This year’s Superhero Training Day involved different themed stations for the students to explore. The kids tackled an obstacle course and even tried karate, yoga, and boot camp. They also had the opportunity to learn about internet safety, mindfulness, and first aid.


Students having a blast during the obstacle course!

Karate was particularly popular, as it allowed some of the students to take home souvenirs of their achievements. One student who participated said “”I got to go to karate-it was fun! I still have the board I broke!”

Beyond breaking boards and inspiring super powers, wellness day shows students different ways that they can be active. Melanie Baron a teacher a JEJ Moore Middle who helps put together the annual Wellness Day said, “Wellness Day reinforces the value that getting and staying active is vital to our overall well-being. It provides students and staff alike with the opportunity to try out activities they might not otherwise have heard of. Now that they have had a taste of karate, yoga, boot camp, etc. they may seek it out and continue it during their own time. The Annual Wellness Day is more than just getting the students active at school; one of its goals is to get kids to continue to be active after-school.”

It doesn’t stop with the students. JEJ Moore wants faculty and staff to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle as well. Their wellness program provides after school fitness classes to any faculty and staff who are interested. To increase the popularity of the classes, and inspire some friendly work place competition, they plan to start a fitness contest for participants. When the teachers are active themselves, they set a good example for their students who will hopefully follow in their footsteps.

JEJ Moore Middle School is just one of our many Active-RVA Certified Schools in the area. Active-RVA Certified schools provide meaningful pathways for the whole school community to get moving and get healthy. If you think your school engages physical activity as part of its culture apply to get certified. Apply Here Now!