Time for back to school . . . Time to get back to running!

Race to the finish

Did someone say “back to school”???

Believe it or not it’s that time of year again.  The kids are getting ready to go back to school and parents are rejoicing (whether they are willing to admit it or not)!  As teachers are busy setting up their classrooms and parents are spending their hard earned money on today’s latest fashions, Kids Run RVA is gearing up for our running clubs to get started.  The fall is prime time to get outside for a run – the weather is just great and the Call Federal Marathon Jr. kids race is right around the corner!

Local P.E. teachers welcome Kids Run RVA!

As the first day of school was quickly approaching, the Physical Education Departments of Hanover and Richmond Public Schools welcomed Kids Run RVA representatives to come do a presentation during their annual in-service training.  I was lucky enough to be along for the ride and man, was it fun to be in the presence of such an enthusiastic group of people who hold physical fitness as a top priority!  We were able to promote the Kids Run RVA programs and explain how Sports Backers can support their efforts to get kids active!  The teachers got a first hand look at the training guide that can be used to help prepare our young runners for the Call Federal Marathon Jr., which will be held on Saturday October 25th this year.  All in all these meetings were a huge success with some of the P.E. teachers sharing success stories about last year’s running clubs and many sharing plans to host their own race during the upcoming school year.

It just keeps getting better . . .

The most exciting news came when, following these meetings, several P.E. teachers reached out to us to express an interest in starting a new running club at their school.  That’s right – Kids Run RVA is expanding and that means more kids will be physically active this fall!  Sports Backers is overjoyed to be able to support our local P.E. teachers, and thus our Richmond youth, as they implement programs that are guaranteed to help us achieve our Active RVA mission.  Look for future blog updates to find out what schools in your neighborhood are participating in Kids Run RVA and for feature stories about some of our region’s youngest runners!