Stop the Summer Slide!

School ends for the summertime, but learning should not! Children can lose up to 1-2 months worth of academic material if they are not practicing facts or reading during the summer. Fit4Kids has simple tips to keep brains sharp and bodies active during the summer!

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Add 

  1.  Find a partner to play.
  2.  Repeat: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Add.
  3. On Add, throw out a number of fingers.
  4.  First person to add them together does 5 jumping jacks. The loosing opponent does 5 squats.
  5. Make it Harder: Play with 2 hands or MULTIPLY!


One Man Relay

  1. Write numbers on notecards. Use 1-10 or whatever range is right for your child.
  2. Place the notecards across the room or in your yard. Start on the opposite side of the room.
  3. Ask your child to solve a math problem (example: 3+4).
  4. Tell your child to run, hop, skip, jump, etc. over to the notecards and choose the right answer. Have them bring the card back for you to check for correctness.
  5. Continue play until all cards are picked up!


Fact Jacks

  1. Say a math fact to your child (5 x 5)
  2. When your child answers, they get to do jumping jacks or any other exercise!


 Move n’ Spell

  1. Choose a spelling word or sight word.
  2. Select a movement or exercise to do while spelling – one exercise for each letter!


Write it in the Air

  1. Choose a spelling word or sight word.
  2. Ask them to spell it in the air and say the letter as they spell.


Across the Room Review Game

  1. Choose a starting line and finish line in the room or in your yard.
  2. Begin at the starting line and ask your child a question, math fact, or sight word.
  3. For every correct answer, your child earns a step or hop forward toward the finish line.
  4. For any incorrect answers, they will move backward.



  1. Use sidewalk chalk to create a hopscotch board that has numbers, letters, or words in the boxes.
  2. Ask your child to go to a certain letter or number, or ask them to solve a math problem.
  3. Have them hop to the square! Or they can toss an object (rock, bean bag, water balloon) onto the square!

Our activities are super easy and require little to no set up or equipment and will help avoid that “summer slide”!

Infographic courtesy of Target.

Infographic courtesy of Target.

Pinterest has tons of really unique activities to make your summer fun and meaningful. Check out the Fit4Kids Pinterest page and focus on the Active Math and Active Reading boards. I love this water balloon math game from the Learn, Play, Imagine blog.

Math Games {Water Balloon Equations} (9)