Keeping Kids Active When It’s HOT, HOT, HOT

When your 10 day forecast predicts mid-90 to 100 degree weather, how are you supposed to keep your kids active?! Well the obvious answer is to put on your swim suit and hit the pool. Racing friends and diving for sticks can keep kids cool while getting them moving.

Don’t have a pool to go to?

Me neither! But the fun with water doesn’t  have to stop! Simple water activities on land include:

- water balloon toss

- washing the dog outside

- washing a parent’s or neighbor’s car

- turning on the sprinkler and run right on through!

Too hot to handle?

Sometimes even playing in water doesn’t cool us down enough. On days when the humidity is high, the afternoon thunderstorm has rolled in, or it’s simply too hot to be outside, take it indoors! Playing inside can be just as fun!

- Put on some tunes and have a dance party! Possibly the cheapest and easiest way to burn off that energy.

- If there’s room, jump rope or hula hoop inside.

- Use an over-the-door basketball hoop and toss a soft foam ball.

- Set up a scavenger hunt. Use household objects or hide letters and number for your kids to find.

Build an indoor obstacle course. If it’s acceptable, use pillows, cushions, and blankets to hop on or over. Super easy, and super fun!

- Tap a balloon back and forth- try not to let it touch the floor! This can be set up like volleyball or badminton.

(photo credit: Hands on As We Grow blog)

- Build a tent or fort.

- Try out some kid yoga videos. There are plenty of free ones on You Tube.  These yoga videos can range from 10 minutes to an hour of yoga fun! 

- Set up tape lines on the floor, and see how far your kids can jump.

- Have a bean bag toss and set up different targets. Use those same bean bags to test your balance. How long can you balance the bean bag on your head? arm? foot? elbow? knee?

- Use tape to make “roads” around the house. Let your kids walk, ride, or push toy cars along the “road”.

Try these other simple tape activities!

However you keep your kids active this summer, remember to keep them hydrated! Water is always the best choice for summer hydration!