Active RVA at School

Active RVA Certification - 2014 Certified Schools

2015 Certified Schools

Active RVA-Certified Schools support their students, faculty, staff, and their families to maximize their health and wellness through regular physical activity. By utilizing programs, infrastructure, and measurable results, Active RVA-Certified Schools provide meaningful pathways for the whole school community to get moving and get healthy. Want to get your school certified? Our application is simple and we can support you to get there!

Alberta Smith Elementary SchoolRPS Active RVA 2014
A.M. Davis Elementary School
Bailey Bridge Middle School
Bellevue Elementary School
Bellwood Elementary School
Bettie Weaver Elementary School
Bon Air Elementary School
Byrd Elementary School
C.E. Curtis Elementary
Carver Middle School
Chesterfield Community High School
Chickahominy Middle School
Clover Hill Elementary School
Collegiate School
Crestwood Elementary
Dumbarton Elementary
Elizabeth Davis Middle School
Elizabeth Holladay Elementary
Elizabeth Redd Elementary
Elizabeth Scott Elementary School
Enon Elementary
Evergreen Elementary2014 Certified Active RVA Schools
Falling Creek Middle School
Fox Elementary School
Franklin Military Academy
G.H. Reid Elementary
Gayton Elementary
George H. Moody Middle School
George Wythe High School
Ginter Park Elementary School
Goochland Elementary
Goochland High
Goochland Middle
Huguenot High
J.B. Fisher Elementary
J.E.B. Stuart Elementary
J.E.J. Moore Middle
J.L. Francis Elementary
Jackson Davis Elementary
Johnson Elementary2015 Certified School Winners
Kaechele Elementary
L.C. Byrd High School
Lakeside Elementary
Linwood Holton Elementary
Manchester Middle
Marguerite Christian Elementary
Mary Munford Elementary
Midlothian High
Midlothian Middle
Millwood School
Montrose Elementary School
Nuckols Farm Elementary
O.B. Gates Elemetnary
Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary
Open High
Pemberton Elementary
Randolph Elementary
Richmond Community High School2015 Active RVA Certified School
River’s Edge Elementary School
Robious Middle School
Salem Church Middle School
Spring Run Elementary
St. Andrew’s School
St. Christopher’s School
Swansboro Elementary School
Swift Creek Elementary School
Thomas Jefferson High School
Three Chopt Elementary
Tomahawk Creek Middle School
Twin Hickory Elementary
Westover Hills Elementary
Woodville Elementary
Woolridge Elementary School