Active RVA at School

Active RVA Certification for Schools

Our kids (and their teachers!) spend the majority of their waking hours at school. By integrating physical activity throughout the school day, we can promote lifelong healthy habits for Richmond’s youth and improve attendance, creativity, and school performance while we’re at it!

What is an Active RVA-Certified School?

An Active RVA-Certified School is an area elementary, middle, or high school that adopts, supports, and engages physical activity as part of their school’s culture. Active RVA-Certified Schools support their students, faculty, staff, and their families to maximize their health and wellness through regular physical activity. By utilizing programs, infrastructure, and measureable results, Active RVA-Certified Schools provide meaningful pathways for the whole school community to get moving and get healthy.

Why should I get my school certified?

Making school communities active has benefits in almost every direction. Here are some important examples of what getting active and getting certified can do for your school:

How to Apply

Our Fit School application is easy and can be completed online! We’ll ask you some basic questions about your school community and then want to understand what kinds of programs and initiatives you’ve put in place. After we review your application, we like to get in touch to talk more with your school’s leaders about your work to support an active school community.

Apply to be an Active RVA School


Contact us at any time if we can help you with this application OR help you plan new and improved programs for your school.