Fitness & Longevity For Richmond’s Aging Population

Regular physical activity does more than burn calories. It can help you sleep better, boost creativity, and improve your spirits. These benefits are relevant for ALL of us, but may be particularly important for our aging neighbors.

For Richmonders entering their golden years, physical activity can be a game changer. Exercise reduces the risk of early mortality for seniors by 40% and lowers the incidence of heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer. But don’t take it from me.

CBS 6 spoke with Dr. Glen Kerr of Ortho Virginia and his patient Robert Edwards. After Kerr prompted Edwards to get serious about his inactivity, things started to turn around in Edwards’s routines. He started working out and little by little, his increased fitness and strength has allowed him not only to drop some pounds but to continue to be active physically.

Dr. Kerr is the kind of doctor we’re supporting with our Active RVA Docs program, to help medical professionals tap the power of active living with their patients.

And Robert Edwards? He’s our kind of Richmonder. Taking his health into his own hands and prioritizing physical activity in his day to day.