We Won! RVA Rocks Bell Helmet Competition

We are the champions, my friends! And indeed – we kept on fighting til the very end.

A couple of days before the end of Bell Helmet’s “Bell Built” competition, Richmond was in a tight race. We’d been up against our east coast peers, but had seesawed, falling behind and coming back, edging neck and neck with a ride center in New York and others around our region.

But when push came to shove, our passion (and mad internet skillz) panned out! Today, Bell is congratulating Richmond as the winner with over 13 thousand votes and they’ll be handing us 33 thousand dollars!A mountain biker makes their way across a field with the city skyline

What are we gonna do with the cash?

Build trails, of course! Our project will rehab 15 miles of existing mountain bike trail and construct 20 new miles down at Pocahontas State Park. According to the organizers behind this massive effort, our friends at MORE (Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts), we’ll be “developing a new gateway trail with two loops suitable for novices, children, handcycles, and bicycles pulling child trailers” and “improving the overall depth of experience” offered within the trail system at Pocahontas.

Pocahantas was recently named as an official Ride Center by the IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association). So, the Bell Grant piles on further momentum and will help Richmond to expand a trail system that was already setting us apart and making our region a destination for pros and beginners alike.

How’d we do it? Why are we so awesome?

It’s beginning to feel natural, isn’t it? An internet competition is announced and RVA dominates! Everything from our beer halls to our river¬†gets credited with top accolades, and it’s often because we really know how to gun our engines on social media.

The Bell Helmets grant came to us the same way. You voted, you tweeted, you facebooked, you snapchatted. You built this buzz. Netting votes and bagging awards just seems to be a forte of ours, as a community.

So, congratulations, RVA! Good bike trails come to those who vote!

Want to get out and hit the trails?

The whole region is crawling with great off-road biking. From The James River Park right downtown to Yorktown Park east of us, Powhite Park in the city’s Southside, and of course, down at Pocahantas. Active RVA did a write up on all our region’s offerings, so check out what’s on offer, load up your bike, and enjoy one of our many active living assets.