Wanted: Fitness Warriors for RVA

Last year Richmond’s City Health District, the Anthem Foundation, Active RVA, and Fit 2 Go partnered to launch a pretty innovative project. The Active RVA Warriors Program.

Our question – Could we increase physical activity in the community, build up a bank of trained fitness professionals, adapt the culture of fitness within community organizations, AND provide a path to new gainful meaningful work for Richmonders? All at the same time?

Turns out – Yes, we can. And now we’re recruiting for our newest class!

Active RVA Warriors are Richmonders with talent, passion for community fitness, and potential for leadership. The Warriors Program trains these up and coming leaders in the fundamentals of group exercise and works them all the way up to the point of being ready to get nationally certified as fitness professionals. Along the way, Warriors are working in community organizations, giving free exercise classes in schools and churches, community centers and retirement homes. Warriors get to improve their skills while these communities get to ramp up their fitness. It’s a win-win situation all the way.

We’re recruiting now for our newest class of Warriors. Join us at 1 of 3 Info Sessions in July.

  • July 14th in the East End. 6:30 pm at the Family Resource Center.Belle Isle Footbridge Runners
  • July 17th on South Side. 6:30 pm at Bellemeade Community Center.
  • July 21st on North Side. 6:30 pm at the North Avenue Library.

Last year was the first year of the program and the handful of Warriors we trained have added deep value to their communities. We’ve re-tooled the program, added more to the training, and are ready to roll. So we’re looking for the newest class of talented Active RVA Warriors. Our lead instructor from Fit 2 Go will be on hand at our info sessions to brief you on how the program works and what we’re looking for in our application.

Find out more about the program and how to apply here on ActiveRVA.org and at one of our info sessions.