The Great Gear Handoff!

All kids should get to play the sports they want to play. But for so many of Richmond’s youth, joining the team can be out of reach simply because they don’t have the right gear.

With the end of the school year approaching, now is the time to hand off the gear your kids outgrew or lost interest in. Advance It Up, a project of Greater Richmond Fit 4 Kids, Advanced Orthopedics, and Ortho On Call, is collecting and redistributing gently-used sporting equipment to kids who can use it!

Any parent can tell you – the amount of STUFF you have to outfit kids with so they can play on sports teams is enough to make your head (and wallet) spin. Helmets, gloves, pads, uniforms, special socks. The list goes on! And depending on the sport, it can outgrow a family’s budget quickly.Would you play tennis without a racket

Help Richmond Youth Suit Up and Hit the Field

The cleats your son or daughter outgrew? They can go on the feet of another Richmond child. The tennis racquet they got for Christmas but never really picked up? Let another kid take a swing! Got an overflowing garage of balls, bats, sticks, masks, and pucks? Comb through it and donate the stuff that’s not being used.

And if you’re a family that could also benefit from receiving some of this gear, Advance It Up is coordinating that as well.

Donate your Gear

There are 5 donation locations you can drop off at through June 30th. Any lightly used sporting equipment is needed! Some idea of things you might have and that Advace It Up needs are

  • Any type of ball
  • Soccer gear including shin guards
  • Baseball and softball gear – bats, gloves, base mats, tees, equipment bags
  • Basketball equipment
  • Tennis – especially racquets and ball hoppers
  • Cones and flags
  • Pinneys
  • Exercise mats
  • Yoga stability balls (weighted to stay in place)

Fit 4 Kids is also helping to outfit school gyms and workout facilities, so if you have equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, or ellipticals gathering dust in your basement, let’s get some RVA Kids on them!

Kudos to Fit 4 Kids, Advanced Orthopedics, and Ortho On Call. This is a key initiative for an Active RVA!