Switch to Standing and Start Grinning at Work!

Last year, our office at The Community Foundation reconfigured its workplace, so I had an opportunity to rethink my cubicle. Err, I mean personal work station. I decided to make the switch to a standing desk. I had been thinking about it for years but had never done it. Now that I have, I can tell you, it’s changed my workday for the better!

Active RVA asked me to share how this transition has gone for me because, even though we’ve all heard about the benefits of standing at work, we don’t all make the switch. So, here’s my quick take on how I did it and why I recommend it!Standing desk at the Community Foundation

I’m a slumpy sloucher sitting at my desk.  But I started to notice that that terrible posture was taking over in other parts of my life. A while back, I saw one of those articles about building a standing desk with cheap parts but I never got around to actually making one myself. When we went through our office redesign recently, that was the real window of opportunity. I researched the options and with the support of our Office Manger, I picked one that felt right for me. (A note: the options range from virtually free to pretty pricey. I completely understand that some people and some companies are reluctant to invest in the pricier versions. But the good news is, I found out, much cheaper options work just as well!) So, what’s the result?

I’ve had my standing desk for about a month now and I LOVE it!

The first couple weeks I was practically grinning when I got to work and started answering email on my feet.  I swear, standing puts me in a different frame of mind.  It’s more active, and I think that energy inspires creativity and engagement in whatever I may be working on.  And no doubt, the standing desk has solidified my status as office dweeb.

I’m rarely at my desk all day, so I haven’t invested in the cushy mat, yet. But some folks say I will want that eventually. It helps take some of the pressure off your knees and hips when you stand for long periods. For me, I’m back and forth to meetings on most days, but when I AM at my desk, I’m so much more alert and engaged now.

So – it turns out standing isn’t just good for you, physically, it feels great too!