Inter-Office 10k Rivalry!

Superfast Urban Planners

Team “Superfast Urban Planners” in training for their 10k Throwdown Challenge

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, did it? And in the case of Richmond City’s Planning and Economic Development offices, it may actually help a whole lot.

This week, the City’s Planning and Economic Development staffs kicked off their first-ever “Monument Avenue 10k Throwdown Challenge.” They’re vying for the most points in a fairly rigorous scoring system related to this year’s Ukrops Monument Avenue 10k. Instead of just rewarding speed, their Throwdown Challenge rewards points for first-ever 10k finishers, improved time performance, and overall volume of participation. The goal being to motivate every person in their offices to get involved.

“It is already turning out to be remarkably good for inter-departmental morale and communication,” said Kathleen Onufer, a staffer in the Planning Department. Can’t we all relate to that? One side of the office never gets to work with the other side. One shift of employees barely ever gets to see the next shift. All our workplaces have a dynamic like this. Kudos to Richmond’s Planning and Economic Development staffs for not only doing something about it, but doing something that’s FUN and good for their health and fitness too!

Want to start a Throwdown Challenge of your own? Here’s the scoring system -

  • TEN POINTS per participant who completes the 10k.
  • ONE POINT for every minute someone improves their time over a previous year.
  • SIX POINTS for every person who runs this year who did not run last year (“These folks are very valuable,” Onufer notes. “Worth dropping six minutes from a returnee’s time!”)
  • SIXTEEN POINTS for every person who completes their first Monument Ave 10k (“So they are literally the most valuable to your team!”
  • Finally, points will be awards for the ten fastest finishers within the competition: 10th fastest – 2points. 9th – 4points. 8th – 6points. 7th- 8points. 6th- 10points. 5th – 12points. 4th – 14points. 3rd- 16points. 2nd- 18points. 1st – 30points!

In this way, the Throwdown Challenge encourages and celebrates all kinds of inter-office rivalry. And healthier workplaces, employees, and communities.