Get Ready for RVA Ride Center

The list of organizations that are working to boost the profile of Pocahontas State Park and it’s miles and miles of trails is pretty long. Dozens of groups got thousands of Richmonders to vote and WIN the Bell Helmets competition, securing a chunk of change to expand and improve the park’s trails. Now, many of those same groups are charging forward to establish the official RVA Ride Center.

The logos that flash at the end of their new promotional video is proof. This is a team effort. The City of Richmond and County of Chesterfield are playing nice on this project and they’re working with powerhouse nonprofits like Richmond MORE and Paralyzed Veterans of America, and business leaders like Riverside Outfitters and RideKore.

We’ve already got an amazing array of trails to sample around the region for beginner and expert riders alike. Now we’ve got a heckuva an expansion coming soon to Pocahontas!