Celebrate Active Living at the 2016 Active RVA Summit and Awards!

Richmond is a region on the move. Throughout the area, local communities are experiencing the benefits of active living –  at schools, offices, as individuals, as families, and as organizations.

The benefits are indisputable. Schools that promote regular physical activity, as part of student’s day, show improved focus. Workplaces report less worker absenteeism, lower deductibles, and lower employee stress. Regular physical activity can also lead to improvements for those concerned about chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and many more ailments.

With the support of organizations such as The Community Foundation, VCU Health, and Cigna – Richmond is supporting active living strategies to better engage challenges facing our region in our schools, organizations, parks, and neighborhoods.


On March 7, the Active RVA Summit presented by VCU Health, and Active RVA Awards presented by Cigna, will bring together national and local experts to discuss how active living can benefit the individuals and communities, as well as the economy, of the Richmond region.

The keynote speaker, Mayor Chip Johnson (R-Hernando, MS) will speak about his effort to address physical activity in his Mississippi town. What began as an effort to create more opportunities for local farmers now features Mississippi’s largest farmers market with bike lanes, walking groups, and regular examples of how Hernando citizens can lead healthier, more active lives.

The benefits of active living have profited Hernando beyond the individual health of its citizens. Impressed with the new quality of life and the benefits of Hernando’s active living efforts, Boeing recently decided to build a new plant in Hernando, bringing an infusion of jobs and a boost to the local economy. With his efforts recognized by the White House, Mayor Johnson is just one of the success stories the Active RVA Summit and Awards will feature.

In the breakout sessions, experts in creating safe routes to schools, health equity in communities, and physical activity programs in parks and public spaces will be speaking on their experiences and how Richmond can take the next step in becoming even healthier and more active. Richmond regional experts will also discuss the challenges and opportunities in continuing to build the most physically active community in the country.

And don’t miss the ‘Walk the Walk Talks’ – a Ted Talks-style presentation featuring local and national leaders presenting on the importance of active living and leading by example. Then join us for Richmond’s greatest celebration of active living – the Active RVA Awards presented by Cigna!

Richmond is a region on the move. Register now and learn more about how you can be part of the movement!

Active RVA Summit presented by VCU Health (8:30am-3:30pm)

Featuring the Active RVA Awards presented by Cigna (3:30pm)

Monday, March 7, 2016

VCU Larrick Student Center  - 900 Turpin St.

Richmond, VA 23219


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