Can Floyd Ave Make RVA More Active?

Can one street make Richmond a more active place? It can be a gamechanger. And Floyd Avenue, in the Fan, might be it.

Last night over 250 people packed a public meeting at the Virginia Historical Society to discuss the future of building a ‘Bike Walk Street’ along Floyd from Carytown to VCU. The city’s planning department presented their initial plans for the Bike Walk Street, which will primarily calm and slow vehicle traffic and make biking and walking along the corridor easier for Richmonders of all abilities.

Floyd Avenue Bikers

Recently, Richmond ranked 18th on a U.S. Census List of top cities for bike commuting. With only minimal on-street infrastructure, Richmond managed to break into a formidable list of bike-friendly cities. Building a Bike-Walk Street on Floyd could get the ball rolling down the hill for us in the city. It would be 2 new miles of safe, pleasant riding through the heart of the Fan and Museum District. And studies show that a full 60-70% of our population won’t even try to ride without this kind of improvement.

But Floyd Avenue isn’t just for bikers.

It’s for kids walking to school at Binford Middle. For families that may want to cross the street to visit their neighbors. It’s for students and commuters looking for a nice way to walk or ride to their destinations.

If Floyd Avenue can help get more people walking and biking to work, to run errands, and to school, then we’re all for it at Active RVA. Rather than carving out time to go to the gym or an exercise class, what streets like Floyd can do for us in RVA is integrate physical activity into our day to day.

A quick trip to Carytown can turn into a mile-long power walk. When heading out to meet friends or neighbors at a local watering hole in the Fan, taking a pleasant stroll can become the best choice.

In polling, Richmonders are all for this.

CBS 6 has a poll up asking if making Floyd a Bike Walk Street is the right idea. At present, it looks like the people of Richmond are as excited as we are. Over 80% see this plan as exciting, and necessary.

In the city’s own polling, similar numbers come up. 70-80% of people are looking forward to seeing traffic calming measures go in on Floyd.