Bike In Your Skirt! Quick Trick For All the Ladies!

All the ladies in the house, check this out! It’s summertime and you want to hop on your bike. Maybe you’re wearing a dress today. Maybe you’re biking to work in a skirt. So how do you bike Miss Manners-approved?

Simple! You put a penny in your skirt!

As an everyday bike commuter, I found this trick so simple! I almost wonder how I didn’t think of it before. But we’ve got a lot to manage biking around RVA. You’ve got your bags to worry about – where do those go? How do I carry them without getting sweaty? You’ve got your route to consider – what’s really the safest way to my office? Can I avoid that hill if I alter my ride a bit? And you also want to be professional when you arrive. So, biking in a skirt is great for that. You just have to manage how to keep your ride ‘discreet’ on the way. For that, I am a huge fan of this trick. Give it a try!

Got other questions about bike commuting?

We’ve got a beginners guide for that! And in our travels around RVA we’ve led some great trainings and conversations on this topic. Richmond’s got great ideas for how to manage a professional commute by bike! Some tips I learned by listening to our neighbors talk about their experiments with travelling by bike -

  • Keep a blazer at work. When you arrive in the morning, maybe a little sweaty, put that blazer on for a while. Looks great.
  • Roll your suit. If you want to bike without your coat on, you can tuck one sleeve into the other and then roll it up. The tuck and roll means the jacket arrives without wrinkles.
  • A pants cuff keeps you grease-fee and visible. These little guys are often reflective and velcro, so they serve dual purposes.
  • Get a helmet you love. There are so many styles these days, there’s no excuse not to have one you’ll be happy to wear every time.
  • Dial in your gear. Choose a set up that works for you! Some of us may want to use a basket while others use a backpack. Some people will feel more comfortable sitting high while others will want to sit lower on their bikes. There’s no one ‘right way’ to set up your commute. So do what works for you.

Transitioning to a bike commute isn’t obvious, so I’m so glad that these ladies are showing us another trick to make it easier.