Active RVA Is Working in Fairfield Court

Fairfield Court with Ricky MartinOn Wednesday afternoon, I visited Fairfield Court to observe our Active RVA staff working with the kids from the Fairfield Elementary School Run Club.  What a delight to see 25 kids training for our Marathon Jr kids run.

As I watched these kids, I could not help but think about the fact that a significant number probably come from single parent households, have no other alternatives for physical activity, do not have the proper equipment (shoes, clothing) and have a dozen other negative distractions in their lives.

You could see the bright looks in the eyes of the little girls as they gathered around their mentor and Run Club Coach, Jacki Quinlan.  The same can be said of the young boys who looked up to Ricky Martin, our Active RVA Warriors Trainer.

As you looked across the field you could not help but notice Craig Dodson’s Richmond Cycling Corps training a half dozen Fairfield Court kids on mountain bikes.  A number of these kids participated in the Moonlight Ride and Tour of Richmond.

Only a stone’s throw away, the 4-0 Armstrong HS Football Team was in an intense practice for an upcoming game against Highland Springs.

 It was all positive.  And a confirmation that ActiveRVA can work, even in a neighborhood known for all the wrong reasons.