Profile of a Mentor: Torey Cross

Training to become a certified fitness instructor is a big undertaking. Training to be a certified instructor for our communities with the highest rates of chronic diseases is an even bigger task. But each year, a class of Active RVA Warriors does just that! With a little help.

Active RVA Warrior Mentors are a key ingredient to the success of this program to support and inspire greater fitness and activity in our most vulnerable communities. Mentors work one-on-one with Warriors to ensure they’re growing both as technical fitness professionals and as effective community leaders. And our Mentors know their stuff. They come with impressive resumes, respected reputations, and a track record of making a difference for the Richmond region’s health and wellness.

Profile: Torey CrossTorey Cross - Active RVA Warrior Mentor2

How’d you get your start as a fitness leader in our community?

After spending almost 12 years working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in hospital settings, I decided to chase my true love which is fitness and began obtaining as many certifications as possible as well as working towards my B.S. in Athletic Training. Today I continue to expand my education in the health industry and I’ve completed my Master Fitness Trainer Certification through ISSA.

What’s the connection for you between physical activity and public health? 

Physical activity levels are declining not only in low income communities but also in wealthy ones as well. This decline in physical activity is a key contributor to the obesity epidemic. It is imperative that physical activity is bought to these areas.

Why did you want to be a Mentor for the Active RVA Warriors? What interested you about the program?

I’ve really enjoyed being a mentor for the fact that I get help others reach their goal of being a Fitness Professional.

How else are you involved in the community?

I LOVE being dad! As any Dad can relate to. And it’s no lie – I love to workout too! Outside the gym I also cook and salsa dance.

Where do you see Richmond in 10 years? How are we going to improve the quality of life for every Richmonder through active living?

I see Richmond being in the top 5 in Fit and Healthy cities in the country with the Active RVA Warrior program helping to lead the way.