STILL The Best River Town

In 2012 Richmond was rated the best river town in the USA by Outisde Magazine. And in case there was any doubt, we’ve been continuing to earn that title each and every day.

This year’s Dominion Riverrock Festival proves it.

Some of the country’s only urban white water. Highly technical mountain bike trails. Flatwater for paddleboarding. And a whole community that LOVES to party by the riverside.

Brandon Montijo got aerial to capture this amazing footage. With permission from the Sports Backers and Venture Richmond to film he was able to find some unique views. These are vantage points that Richmonders can appreciate. The river was running high, like 16 feet high. The water was fast and bountiful. And the weather was pitch perfect for the season.

Riverrock is one of those moment’s in our community where we all turn out and celebrate what this town is about all year. Watching pro athletes cross the canal over a slackline and cheering on world class rock climbers is inspiring, motivating us to give these sports a try. And being a part of some of the amateur events like the Urban Assault Mountain Bike Race or the James River Scramble 10k gives us yet another opportunity to enjoy our region’s treasures.

But most of all, it’s events like Riverrock that bring us together. We get to share our love for these sports and for our river and our city. Together. Over a cold beer.