Regional Fitness Scorecard

A community that sets goals, measures progress, and identifies gaps is more likely to succeed in the long run at achieving its objectives. The goal of the Active RVA partnership is to transform Richmond into the most active community in the country and improve the quality of life for all Richmonders through active living.

We created the Active RVA Fitness Scorecard to assess annually how we’re doing as a region at fulfilling that goal. Where are we seeing improvement? Where are we falling behind? By tracking our progress over time, we can focus our efforts and celebrate our accomplishments.

“Grading” The Region

FitnessScoreCard_2016-coverThe Fitneness Scorecard draws data from the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Fitness Index, and an analysis of the miles of paved multi-use trails and bike lanes in the region. The indicators we track for our region’s health and wellness include:

  • Percent of the population engaged in any physical activity or exercise in last 30 days
  • Percent physically active, at least moderately
  • Percent obese
  • Percent in excellent or very good health
  • Percent with angina or coronary heart disease
  • Percent with diabetes
  • Miles of bike lanes/trails
  • Percent bicycling or walking to work
  • Percent of youth obese
  • Percent of youth inactive

We also determine target goals for each indicator. Where we’d like to see the region. Each year we then analyze how we stack up. Where are we versus where we want to be on each of these fronts? A greater weight is assigned to the first two data points pertaining to physical activity, as these are more direct indicators of the overall activity levels of our friends and neighbors and the remaining data points are weighted equally. We then divide our data scores by the target goal for each indicator and produce and overall grade for our region.

While some of this may sound complicated, we’ve found that the Fitness Scorecard is an important tool. Being able to look starkly at the facts can be both a wakeup call and a motivator. Being able to locate progress can be both a victory and a call to action. And the work of all of our partners around RVA make the difference.

Past Years’ Scorecards

To see trends and understand how our region’s health and fitness is changing, we make our previous years’ scorecards available.

2014 Active RVA Regional Fitness Scorecard   2013 Active RVA Fitness Scorecard  2015 Fitness Scorecard