Active Living After Retirement. Profile: Norbert Hamm

Active Aging week is in full swing here in Richmond. Senior Connections, the Capital Area Agency on Aging, the Arthritis Foundation, and VCU ‘s Department of Gerontology asked us if we knew any seniors that help to model what active living looks like post-retirement. Surprise surprise, we know a bunch of them!Running after Retirement

Norbert Hamm

Norbert Hamm, age 72, made the move from Germany to Richmond in 1960. He worked for Reynolds Metals for a few years and eventually went back to school at the Richmond Professional Institute (which later became VCU). Although Norbert has long enjoyed biking, tennis, and sailing, he didn’t really get into running until he was 69. Still, running is only a small portion of his diverse exercise regimen. His routine? “I do what my wife asks me to do,” says Norbert with a laugh.

Norbert stays active with home improvement projects and the restoration of an old sail boat that he purchased from a marina. On the side, Norbert is a photography enthusiast. He was a graphic designer and photographer for the Math Science Innovation Center and continues that passion today. “I take photos of nature that most people don’t see, says Norbert. Running allows him to see the landscapes more clearly, since it’s often difficult to see anything while driving. Norbert’s advice to other people his age looking to get active? “Listen to your body and take breaks,” says Norbert. “It may hurt sometimes, but it will make you stronger!”

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