Active Living After Retirement. Profile: Jane Shives

Active Aging week is in full swing here in Richmond. Senior Connections, the Capital Area Agency on Aging, the Arthritis Foundation, and VCU ‘s Department of Gerontology asked us if we knew any seniors that help to model what active living looks like post-retirement. Surprise surprise, we know a bunch of them!

Jane ShivesJane Shives

Jane Shives, age 71, has lived in the Richmond area for just under 50 years. “I’ve been active all my life,” says Jane. “I played basketball, tennis, and golf and I’ve recently gotten into running.” After finding out that she had high cholesterol, Jane made a commitment to intensify and expand her exercise routine. “I’d always enjoyed the running component of tennis, so I decided to register for a 10k,” says Jane. With a little convincing, Jane got her husband to sign up for the race too. “I told him he had no excuse,” says Jane of her husband’s height. “His stride is twice as long as mine—he can walk faster than I can run!”

Over the years, Jane has realized that the place and time aren’t as important as the actual accomplishment. “You don’t have to be first in these things,” says Jane, “You can even be last.” When asked if she has any advice for getting into exercise later in life, Jane says: “You’re not competing with anyone, just enjoy it!”

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