National Pet Week & Active Pets!

Folks, we are smack-dab in the middle of National Pet Week – but I’m guessing you probably already knew that. And you’ve probably already planned a lot of your own programming to go along with that (Fashionable dog photo shoots are always popular) so we’ll keep this brief. But we do want to talk about fitness for your pets – specifically, the benefits for both humans and pets of taking a nice walk.

Maria Howard of the Richmond Times-Dispatch spoke with some RVA residents about their pet exercise habits and how much both parties seem to enjoy the activities. A few of the most positive benefits from regular activity include:

• It’s good for you
• It’s good for your dog

Pet Fitness

Courtesy: Mark Gormus/Richmond Times-Dispatch

It turns out that more than half of America’s dogs are obese. So walking is a simple solution to help combat that statistic. Around the country and right here in Richmond, dog fitness enthusiasts are creating innovative programs to get people and their pets moving more and sitting under a table waiting for dinner scraps less (or, in my dog’s case, eating fewer socks).

Leash Your Fitness was founded in San Diego and offers classes such as ‘Bonding with Bootcamp’ and ‘Butts and Guts with Your Mutt,’ as well as camping, hiking, and surfing trips. Here in Richmond, Canine Adventure offers dog walking and pet sitting services and organizes hikes on Belle Isle and the Buttermilk Trail. And even if you’re looking for something informal and less organized, Richmond has numerous dog parks and outdoor attractions where both you and your pup can get some exercise.

So please, by all means, continue celebrating National Pet Week, and be sure to plan some time to get outside for a nice long walk.