ActiveAlt: Elemental Body Alignment Comes to RVA With FREE Class Series

This month’s video features another amazing part of Richmond’s active options – dance. It’s not your normal concept of dance, but the program is designed and taught by a dancer. Rather than big floor exercises, this work focuses on attention to detail. It’s all about alignment and opening up internal space.

This class is part of a new series at The Depot, VCU Arts’ space on East Broad. The classes teach “EBAS” or Elemental Body Alignment System. EBAS is “a series of exercises designed for structural integrity and supported range of motion.” Developed by VCU Dance Associate Professor Scott Putnam, the program is being offered to the community on a monthly basis.

This introductory series is a combination of instruction from Putnam with ample time to assist fellow students in the discovery of proper movement. Putnam has taught the series across the country and the far reaches of the globe – and it’s available here, in Richmond, for free!

Contact Jill Ware with VCUarts The Depot at for more information.

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