Our Partners & Contributors

There are hundreds of businesses, nonprofits, community groups, and individual leaders who contribute every day in small or big ways to making Richmond more active. Active RVA matches up their strengths so that, together, we make a bigger impact.

Active RVA Schools

Twenty-five schools in the Richmond region are Active RVA-certified. These elementary and middle schools integrate physical activity into the school day and promote it across their entire school communities.

Active RVA Workplaces

Over 40 companies are Active RVA-certified. Their employees are more productive and more creative because they can get active at work and they’re pioneering new ways to support a healthy workforce in the Richmond region.


Foundations and donors power Active RVA’s projects through financial stewardship.


The Active RVA Partnership is a Collective Impact effort to improve the quality of life for all Richmonders through active living. Our partners run programs of their own that reach thousands of Richmonders daily and they are also lending leadership to new collaborative initiatives and projects.